Olga T.

Renata is an amazing coach. I feel I can relate to her she is very down to earth and approachable. I love her positivity. Always available to answer questions. Super knowledgeable in all area and nothing is off limits and the straight up no sugar coating answers are the best. My body has changed so so much since we have been working together it's unbelievably and I love it. I've learned so much from you. Your advice and guidance are priceless. Thank you Renata! 

Angelle M.

Because of your help my body is starting to respond! I still have a ways to go ( and no there is no other trainer) other then the suggestions that from the class trainer gives me! I'm so happy! So a very big thank you! 

Kelly E.

I honestly couldn't of gotten this far without you in my corner Renata! You continue to find ways to breakthrough the barrier that was holding me back! You are one of a kind and I'm so thankful to have you as my coach!

Cheryl M.

ANOTHER huge compliment tonight from another gym gal who's been watching me. That's two days in a row! The program is working and people are noticing! 

Kelly K.

Oh my gosh Renata! I am so excited. I was telling my husband I feel like I hit the jackpot with you! I feel like we are a great fit!

Katrina V.

Thank you for being such a good influence on me, for your guidance and for everything you do! You are the best coach ever!!!

Cindy J.

Thank you! I couldn't have done this without you. My rock. Seriously.

It's snowballed into affecting my attitude about everything, even school. Relationships and everything.

I feel like I've already won and I want to make you proud. Because of you I am no longer afraid of food! It's not just the fact that you are a great coach and you know your stuff, people can relate to you because you are real. Women need and appreciate that, trust me.

Sally P.

Isn't it amazing how much better my body looks after this reverse diet? I looked like a lean shapeless bean and holding a ton of water because of all the treats. Now my carbs are more than 2X what they were before and I HAVE CURVES!!! Who would have thought that eating more would make you look better. Getting a coach to help me reverse diet was probably the best decision I ever made!

Maria M.

You have helped me so much mentally and physically! Thank you.

Agathi K.

All I'm gonna say is my 4 week transformation pics are insane!! So excited for the next 12 weeks!! I just wanted to share my happiness, I've never felt better!

Erin P.

Just wanted to let you know these workouts are fantastic .... challenging, effective and beyond creative .... making  a major difference in how I look!

Hanna T.

The best part about working with you is the mindset/mental work guidance, in addition to training and diet. You helped me understand the mental aspect of prep and it’s importance. I learned what my weaknesses and strengths are, learned importance of discipline and it’s effects of my body and mind, and competed in provincial and national level fitness competitions. I learned many valuable lessons that I can take with me into my future and implement them in my future goal accomplishments.

Kristen L.

In my limited time working with Renata, I was pleasantly surprised at her attention and availability to communicate with me about my concerns/health. She was tuned into more than just being a "coach" and understood the trials and tribulations of training and the discouragement of injuries and other physical, mental and emotional ailments

Carolyn B.

I know we all want to be loved and it's easy to turn to fast comfort when we are hurt and disappointed.  Or starve ourselves. I thought it was a great lesson on how to stop the destructive behaviour and insight into taking control or being in control and not forgetting our priorities and what's best for us.  I definitely am a people pleaser and always have wanted approval from others... having low self esteem... made much worse from a dysfunctional and destructive relationship. I am definitely learning so many life lessons from you... to learn to love myself and care for my needs and that I am more powerful than I think... and I deserve to be happy whether I have a partner or am by myself... just learning who I am... what makes me happy and healing from a decade of emotional abuse and the trauma dealing with addiction.  You help women take control and learn that they can deal with their emotions in a much more positive manner.  

I appreciate all of the support... Probably just as much or more emotionally than with the transformation! Your support has been invaluable to me to heal and grow as a person!  

I appreciate your mentoring and friendship and being able to put things in proper perspective when I get so emotional. You are definitely making me a stronger person and helping me through the most difficult time in my life. Thank you. I wanted to let you know how much I think of you and am very lucky our paths crossed. You should be proud of your talents.