Hi, I'm Renata

 I've been where you are! 

I've failed MANY times at dieting and felt defeated too! 

My entire life has been about finding balance as I often feel overwhelmed and out of control, especially with food.  


 After 20 frustrating years of losing weight and gaining it back over and over, I discovered a surprisingly simple 3 Step System that allowed me to breakthrough the destructive cycle of rebounding to finally lose the weight, and keep it off! Today I am a weight loss mindset coach and pro at reprogramming the mind & body. My mission is to teach women who are just like you, the system that actually works so that you can get lean and go from rebound to reborn!

Sharing the tools that I have personally used during my own breakthrough has helped me guide other women to deliberately create the body of their dreams with less struggle, and to maintain their results even when life gets hard and stressful.

I have received wonderful feedback from my clients that my programs have milestones based on things that empower them to feel great and have nothing at all to do with dress size, the scale, looks, food or exercise! This shift from weight loss resistance, to allowing natural well being to return, is the protocol for sustainable weight loss that I help each client personalize for herself. It's all about getting back into alignment with the things that feel good to you, instead of the self-sabotage that comes with expectations of perfection.

It's what I call finding your "Sweet Spot"!


Certified Life Coach

National Coaching Certification Program

Contest Prep

Bikini & Figue

Posing & Prep Coach

Training & Nutrition

Boot Camp Instructor

Certified Personal Trainer

Certificate Sport Nutrition


IFBB Figure Pro


2x North American Figure Champion

2x Canadian National Figure Champion

Provincial & Regional

Ms. Figure Ontario

8x 1st Place Champion

Additional Information

In her early years, Renata was a Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop and Russian Character dancer and performer. Renata’s participation in competitive sport started as a youth racing boats on high performance racing teams, at both local and international events. She holds the Gold Sailing Level and also the title of Ontario Provincial Champion. Always one to be active in fitness classes and dabbling with weight lifting, she also participated in other sports including gymnastics, volleyball, soccer, softball, dodge ball, rowing and track & field.

Renata’s love for fitness started as a Booty Camp Fitness recruit in 2012. She credits camp with giving her self-confidence and much needed therapeutic release. With the goal of learning hypertrophy techniques for her own use and teaching camp in the future, Renata became certified as a Personal Trainer. She then worked with Coach Adam Headland to help her prepare for competitions with much success and earned the coveted IFBB Figure Pro status.

Renata's specialty is coaching women who struggle with consistently executing on their goals. She works with them to change personal stories, self talk, and beliefs through the use of several methods including emotional intelligence, body scanning, neurolinguistic programming, and visualization techniques employed by elite and professional athletes around the world. 

With a background in Communications, Marketing and Psychology, Renata has collaborated with organizational clients in Canada and around the world to deliver and manage Corporate Fitness Coaching Programs, Employee Benefits and Employee Support Solutions. She is a passionate business woman with a love for online marketing, blogging and public speaking.